Lake Pictures Day 8

It’s a cloudy January day in the country. Currently the outdoor temperature is hovering around -1 degrees C with 6 MPH wind speed. But the temperature inside is a balmy 21 degrees C with little or no wind, unless you count me full of hot air and usually pretty windy.

I know all this weather stuff because I have a wonderful weather station

AcuRite Pro Color Weather Station with Wind Speed, Temperature and Humidity

However, it is not too cold to venture outside to snap a few pictures for today’s post.

Lake Charlotte
Looking North-North-East “up the lake”
lake charlotte

Lake Charlotte


These guys must get excellent reception….



Our owl with funny eyes is standing guard over the woodpile.


Wendy looking puzzled…

lake charlotte cabin

“Here’s looking at you kid”
Big brother is always watching….the “Man” has us under surveillance.

Looking through the ice
lake shore ice
Remington on guard
standard poodle

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