Lake Pictures Day 2

In keeping with my 2016 tradition, here is another small selection of pictures of our cottage lake. It is a 3 degree, cloudy day in downtown cottage land today with no wind. No sun either unfortunately. Our Christmas tree and all the trimmin’s are packed up and put away for another year. And now the winter begins….Let’s start with something scenic and country…how about some old Christmas wrappings burning in the burn barrel. It don’t come any more country than that….

Here’s our cottage dog Remi having a run in the snow, his first opportunity to really let loose since he had an operation. He was even in the lake a couple times for a drink.
standard poodle dog
No ice in the lake yet….gotta love the look of open water in January.
lake charlotte
lake charlotte nova scotia
The lane is clear albeit a bit icy underfoot.
A view of the neighbor’s place
lake charlotte
Do you see anything? A small deer perhaps..look carefully
winter woods pic
The tree….
Coming in for a landing….or taking off…I forget…no he was landing.

I snapped these pics using my trusty Canon PowerShot Digital Camera
“The tree” last night with the moon coming up behind it.

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