Lake Pictures Day 10

It’s hard to believe but yesterday’s rain and wind took all the ice out of the lake and most of the snow from the woods and surrounding land. Yup, it looks like Spring except it is January and there is snow in the forecast for overnight tonight and tomorrow. But in the meantime we can revel in the ice free lake and the snow free ground.
In fact, talk about “revelling” Imagine how much revelling this guy was doing as he cruised down Lake Charlotte on January 12th 2016 in his powerboat….Yup, we are boating on Lake Charlotte in January. Or at least some folks are…


lake charlotte

What’s left of the ice in a cove in the lake.

No ice…thanks.

blue water lake charlotte

The water is clear this time of year.
clear water

Remi is wondering where the snow went.
standard poodle

Found some !!
standard poodle dog

Black ducks who prefer to swim instead of slip and slide on ice.

Remi went in the lake for a little splash around.
standard poodle


lake charlotte

lake charlotte

That smoke from the chimney means it is nice and cozy warm inside.
lakeside cabin

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