After The Snow

Following a night of snow, wind and a power outage that unfortunately meant I missed the latest episode of Blue Bloods it seems like time for a new photo post. The good news is the power came back on early this morning, the sun came up and things are dripping instead of freezing.
After the snow plow contractor came through I geared up the tractor and went out to tidy things up, which is really just an excuse to plow snow with the tractor which is fun.

This is how it looked before the snowplow.
snow covered lane

snow covered lake 1

sunrise jan3016

snow covered lake 2

Pushing a little snow with my Husqvarna tractor.
snowplow 1

The weight of the snow bent a tree over part of our driveway.
snow laden tree1

snowplow 2

snow plow 3

lake charlotte

snow plow 4

lake charlotte

Lake Charlotte

lake charlotte 5

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