Redneck Woodshed

Yesterday I “geared up” what I can only describe as a redneck wood shed to store some firewood for the upcoming winter. Last year’s deep snows taught me that some thought is required in terms of where I store my firewood. It has to be close to the cottage and at the same time out of the way of the snow plow. It also needs to stay relatively dry, so wind and air circulation are important.

So…looking around the property I realized I had several wooden pallets that my buddy had brought me for campfires. I hadn’t burned them because…well they just seemed too good to burn. I knew that eventually I would find a use for the pallets and I did.

Here is the beginning of the woodshed.
pallet woodshed
That was a start, it seemed to work, so I continued adding ‘rooms’ until I had used all the pallets I had on hand. Here is the finished product.
Covered with some plastic and a tarp and it’s good to go.

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