More Boat Pics

Given the popularity of our last post featuring pictures of boats, I figured perhaps I would post a few more. After all, I believe if something works, keep doing it ! LOL

So here are a few more pictures of boats on our cottage lake this week. Let’s start with this beauty. How is this for a little runaboat?
And of course a pontoon boat !


Pontoon boats are definitely becoming the boat of choice ! Speaking of pontoon boats, here is a great setup for doing some grilling while you are aboard your pontoon boat.

Who loves a boat ride more than a dog? Check out these two pups enjoying their day on the boat.
This pup loves to live dangerously riding on the bow of the boat.
These guys need to get a canine life jacket like this one:

If you boat with your dog and he likes to swim, it might be good to invest in one of these boat ladders for dogs. Make it easier for your doggy to get in the boat.

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