Cottager Online Updates

Astute readers will have noticed a couple things about Cottager Online of late. The first is that we have a new website template, that is the “look” of this website has changed.

The second is that the header picture changes. That is one of the nifty features of some WordPress website templates, a revolving header.

It’s tricky keeping up with all the available features, add-ons, widgets, themes and plugins that are available and changing on a frequent and reqular basis.

I am trying to keep up, currently we are trying to keep “mobile friendly” That is to say with a template and layout that’s comfortable for reading on a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

These days more and more information is expected to be produced and readable on smaller and smaller devices.

Of course the problem with being a one person operation is that I am not only writer, producer, sales manager for the website I am also the technical support person. That in itself is a stretch given that I am the least technical person I know.

Nonetheless I have updated the site with a new theme and we are good to go for another cottage season.

I hope you enjoy what we come up with.

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