Cast Iron Kettle Humidifier

Wood stoves are great for providing some heat at your camp or cottage. If you have your own source of firewood, they can be economical heat sources too.
But, nice as it is, wood stove heat can be quite dry, usually a good thing, but in winter, if it gets too dry in the cottage your throat can get sore, your eyes start to itch etc.

That’s why they old timers used to keep a kettle on their wood stove. It was always available for a cup tea, but it also acted as a humidifier, offering up some moisture to the otherwise dry cottage air.

If you find the air gets a little dry in your cottage when there is a fire in the wood stove, adding a kettle full of water to the stove top can help.

Charming Cast Iron Kettle Humidifier steams away dry air. SAVE BIG! Click image to enlarge… This is the way Grandma used to do it. She’d fill a cast iron kettle with water, set it on the stove and let it steam. Worked wonders for dry skin in the wintertime. If Grandpa was feeling stuffy she’d throw in a eucalyptus leaf or two. This Kettle looks a lot like Granny’s… heavy-duty cast iron construction, metal coil handle… a reminder of simpler times. Holds 2 1/2 qts. Includes lid. Weighs 13 1/3 lbs.
You can find out more about this kettle here: Cast Iron Kettle Humidifier

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