Boat Navigation Lights

LED lights are great. They look terrific as navigation lights on boats. Not only do they look great, boat navigation lights are required by law if you are running your boat after sunset at night. These LED lights are perfect for replacement lights on your current boat or as a new navigational light system on a new boat or one that did not have lights previously.

These are an inexpensive way to refurbish the lights on your old boat and make it shine in the night. Each strip is 12″ long. There is one green strip and one red strip.
Strips have a super strong 3M adhesive backing allowing for easy install on most surfaces
Each strip comes with a 5′ wire lead of black power/ground wire allowing you to easily run and hide the wire.
Strips are encased in a silicone sleeve making them fully submersible and the best solution for a marine environment.

For The Boat Stern

And for the stern of your boat, here is a folding LED all around stern light, also a requirement in most marine jurisdictions.

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