Bald Eagle Picture

One of the fun things about living at the cottage and in the country is the wildlife. During the winter when humans are not as many, the wildlife seems to appear more often. With lots of ice on the lake, there is even more opportunity to spy some animal action. It’s not unlike having a big field to look at out the front window.
This week we had the fun of watching an interaction between a bald eagle and some crows on the ice in front of the cottage this week. The eagle had found something on the ice, difficult to know what it was, but much to the crows chagrin he had claimed it. Here are a couple of pictures.
The crows gave him a bit of a hassle, landing around him, flying close, and of course cawing steadily. However, for the most part the big bald eagle ignored their protests and went about his business. Eventually he decided whatever it was on the ice was not worth it and left.

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