Tractors and Flat Tires

Another day in paradise…albeit a winter paradise. The cold is holding it’s own, minus 9 degrees celsius as I write this. Add some wind to that and the windchill becomes more like minus 12 degrees and you start to say things like, “*&^%$%& it’s some %%$%$#@ cold !!”

Dropped the rim and tire from my Husqvarna tractor at the local garage to get the tire remounted on the rim. No problem, my friend at the garage mounted the small 20 inch tire back on the wheel rim. I picked it up on my way home from the grocery store. Got it home and…noticed it was flat.

No problem, I figured maybe he didn’t put enough air in it. I filled it up with my compressor and suddenly all I could hear in the workshop was ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss….air escaping from the tiny hole in the tread. Yup. My tire “blowout” was apparently caused by a puncture of some kind.

I threw it in the van and took it back to the garage, if it cannot be plugged I might have to add a tube. I’d like to get the chains back on and ready to go in the event I need to move a little snow or slush around later this week.

Otherwise a sunny cold introduction to the month of March, to be followed overnight by some snow, rain, perhaps a bit of freezing rain as it changes over. Great. Gotta love it.

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  1. Your really having troible with that snow plow.
    Maybe you can rename your site “Roberts Chronicles”. Or “AA and LL play with Robert”. Or “What’s Next”. Or “Wendy’S Revenge”

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