Snowed In

A little bit of snow fell today at our cottage turned year round home. Over 50 centimeters (approximately 22 inches) so far. I say “so far” because as I am writing this it is still snowing…quite hard actually. The latest forecast is predicting another five to ten centimeters will fall over night.
Here is a picture of the snow on top of our propane barbecue on the back deck.
This takes “livin’ at the camp” to a whole new level. There is no getting out of here today, and probably not tomorrow. Truly we fit the definition of ‘snowed in’ there ain’t no getting out today.
Fortunately we have a contractor for snow plowing, but he is going to be busy for the next few days…maybe for the next week. Nonetheless, he will show up and rescue us, of that I have total faith.
In the meantime we can enjoy the isolation and remote-ness of it all. Like living in Alaska only without having to worry about bears. The place is quiet, even the snowmobiles that regularly travel the lake this year have disappeared today. Or perhaps I just could not see or hear them with the blowing snow, high winds and other blizzard conditions.
I find it interesting that there is a depth of snow that is a line that gets crossed. Cross the line and things stop, it is just too dee and too tough to get through without heavy machinery or a unhealthy desire to get out in the snow risking death from drowning in a drift. (Which I almost did today but that is another story)
Today I think it is safe to say we reached the limit of snow fall accumulation where things go quiet. Traffic pretty much stopped, and aside from the wind, the place got quiet. Save for our local family of crows, there was no wildlife to be seen. The feeling of the country, the remoteness of it, is never as heightened as it is during a winter storm. Suddenly the city, less than an hour away during good weather, might as well be the moon, it becomes almost as far away.
Tonight the snow keeps falling blanketing the yard, the house, the trees everything it lands on in a white coat that is thick and fluffy, like the fur of a polar bear. Inside our little camp beside the lake we are tucked away, warm and dry enjoying life in the country.

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