ifloats 12 Person Floating Pad

I frequently find myself thinking, “Duh, why didn’t I think of that?” You too? I thought perhaps maybe…well we really blew it this time when we didn’t think of this idea !!
ifoats 12 footwater pad 1
Yup…you guessed it, this is a High Flotation Floating Foam Pad for Water Recreation and Relaxing and it is called the iFloats 12 Foot Water Pad Party Float. Just imagine the fun we could have on one of these on the cottage lake.
ifloats 12 foot water pad 2
So what is this exactly? Well the ifloat water pad party float is:

*Made of High Flotation Closed Cell Foam

*Patented High Tensile Strength Center Core Material. Increases Strength of iFloat. Allowing to take more beatings for years to come. (Football Team Tested)

*iFloats are 1-1/2 inch Thick Giving Increased Flotation. 8% – 16% more over the competition.

*Comes with D Ring on Both Sides and Tether That Stretches from 7 feet to 18 feet and Easily Attaches to Hooks, Docks, Anchors and Boats (with Safe Distance)

*One side is Pink and One side is Blue. Allows for Everyone to see you easily when on iFloat. Helps Our iFloaters Stand Out in the Crowd.
ifloats 12 foot water pad 3

Now you and I both know that you want one of these ifloats. It’s understandable, one or two of these would be fun at the cottage. The good news is you can buy one today from Amazon. Have a look: iFloats 12 Foot Water Pad Party Float

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