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Blogging used to be about sharing, and in particular a link to other blogs or websites was frequently done, oft talked about and helped with getting readers and rankings in the search engines. Especially incoming links. Thanks to lots of linking scams and trickery (you link to me I link to you we both link to someone else etc etc) done with the intention of increasing page rank, linking out and in has lost some of it’s value. At least in terms of ranking.

It was a sign of good faith and a vote for the quality of the site to provide a link to them or add them to a link list in the sidebar of your blog or website. Those days of endless link lists and blog rolls are pretty much passe now. However, linking for the sake of building relationships with other bloggers and websites, as well as providing our readers with more great content makes linking to others still a worthwhile endeavor.

With that in mind, let’s link to a few of my favorites.

Muskoka Blog, Stumbling In and Around Muskoka Canada.

Cottage Life Blog Yup, the famous Canadian Cottage Life magazine has a blog !

Cottage Country Reflections A long time favorite blogger of mine, Jennifer Jilks.

Cottage On The Edge The do-it-yourself cottage blog.

Building A Log Cabin A long time favorite of mine, Shelley and her husband Greg have built and blogged about building a wonderful log cabin in Michigan.

Lise’s Log Cabin Life This is a new one to me but looks like it might be interesting. I will be returning to check it out further.

Cordwood Construction Corwood Log Cabin Building Blog. A interesting website/blog about building cabins from cordwood.

EcoLog-B-Log Another new one to me, but looks interesting.

We Live On A Boat BlogNot sure if this one has new posts, but their previous posts make interesting reading, especially if your idea of a cottage is one that floats.

Building The Alaskan Log Cabin Another one new to me but looks to have some interesting information. I love the North, and reading about it…not crazy about living in the cold though…

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