Living In Paradise

Beautiful sunny day in paradise. Yup paradise….that is what I am calling this frozen hell hole of ice and snow. It is so icy now that I spend very little time outside, too dangerous and too difficult to walk. I go out and check the game cameras in the yard, throw what ever food scraps we have out to the birds and feed the stray cats. Other than that not too much. It is just too slippery and where it is not slippery the snow is crusty. One step you are walking on top of the snow and the next breaking through the crust. It is a recipe for a broken hip, arm or worse.

I think I over-tightened the chains on one rear tire on my Husqvarna tractor then added a fifty pound bag of sand to the already weighted down rear including tires filled with windshield washer fluid.
Well something happened…not sure exactly what but I think I banged up against a frozen snow bank and it caused the tire to blow off the rim. POW!! All of a sudden I am not moving and the ice beneath me is covered in windshield washer fluid.

So I ended up in the front lawn stuck on ice. To make matters worse the tire the popped off was the wheel that has the power, so the thing would not move. The wheel without the tire just spinning mindlessly.

I had to get a metal bar and “pry” it about 10 feet back into the storage tent thing where I keep it.

I find that I can walk for miles, ride a bike, whatever, but I get winded as hell doing something like walking while lifting or “prying” for example. That’s what I get for a lot of cigarettes and too much fast food in my previous life.

However the bloody tractor is now back in the tent.

I took the wheel off but I am unable to get the tire back on the rim so if the ice ever melts on the road I will take it to the local garage. He will fix it for me. I hope.

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