The End of January

We are getting through the winter here in the country. It amazes me how fast time goes as we get older and after we retired from working. I am starting to think that working might be the secret of a long life. Particularly working at a boring job that you really do not like, that would make life long….

However, sometimes time that flies is not a bad thing, especially in January. I always figure if I can survive January I have it made. As I write this, we have only a couple days of January left.

It hasn’t been a bad month, not much snow, and even the temperatures, while cold, have been bearable for sure. One thing about snow during the winter, the brightness of the white snow especially when the sun shines, helps to make things look cheery and makes a person feel better. It almost does not feel like the dark days of winter.

Had a small outside fire the other day to burn some brush a bit of paper garbage etc. The wood was wet, so getting the fire started was a challenge, but I over came the challenge !

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