Slow Draining Sink Repair

I swapped out the drain in our bathroom sink today and I am happy for it. Although I come from a long line of plumbers, it is not particularly my forte. I am not sure I have a “forte” but if I do, it is not plumbing. However….

Our vanity sink had one of those plugs that you “pull up” with a handle but the thing never worked well from the day it was installed.

To make matters worst, the workings of it tended to hold the gunk that goes down bathroom sink drains, like toothpaste and “what not” and the sink did not drain properly.

I picked up a new tailpiece and a regular old rubber sink plug at our local Home Hardware Store and replaced the gizmo that wasn’t working.
Seems to have worked, no major leaks and the sink is draining much faster. Should have done it long ago, saving myself the frustration of watching the sink drain soooooooooo slowwwwwww, it was pathetic.

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