Lake Ice Booming

A little break in the cold today as the temperature has warmed up to 2 degrees Celsius around mid-day. Kind of a nice change given that last night the temperature dropped to minus 16 degrees Celsius. The lake ice was cracking and booming all night.

Of course because we have not had any cracking and booming lake ice since this time last winter, I got up to look outside about 10 times, until I finally convinced myself that it was the ice cracking and booming and not someone stealing my lawn tractor or trying to break down our door.

Once sure of the reason for the noise, it was rather nice. I always enjoy nature’s shows and the booming ice is certainly one of them. Particularly nice when you are tucked away in bed with an electric blanket, the cabin nice and cozy from the woodstove and heat pump. It’s things like heat pumps and wood stoves that make living in a cabin beside a lake comfy.

Way back in February 2012 I wrote a post exploring some of the reasons for the sounds a lake makes in winter. You can read that post here: Sounds Of A Frozen Lake

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