January Cold

winter lake ducks

January 6, 2015

We put the Christmas tree and decorations away today, signifying the end of the Christmas Season and the plunge into what is winter at the cottage. Speaking of plunging, that is what happened today as the temperature dropped to minus 13 degrees celsius, which computes to about 9 degrees fahrenheit…which computes to cold…friggin’ cold.

The hub-bub of Christmas and New Year’s is now a memory and life now returns to some kind of normal. Actually what has happened is that we have turned the corner and now we are looking at the real winter at the camp.

While it is a far cry from “survival” and is not even close to say, living in a cabin in the woods of Alaska in winter, it is still “roughing it” and it is still winter in the wilderness. There is a certain solitude that happens in the country in winter after Christmas and before Ides of March. This is when it becomes hard core. when we separate the weekenders and cottagers/campers from the rest, the folks who are here year round. It is also when some of us start to go crazy…just sayin’….

However, the lake has not frozen, it was ice from shore to shore but a combination of warmer temperatures and high winds smashed the thin ice up and melted the pieces. But I bet there is ice forming in the lake tonight, the wind has dropped off giving it a chance to form in the coves.

There are about half-dozen black ducks still hanging around the cove, hence the above photo. They appear and disappear regularly, I suspect they are heading out to the coast at times, or to places with running water when the lake freezes over. The duck hunting season has come to a close I believe, so the ones around here are survivors, now they just have to survive the winter and they will be good. While many birds do head for southern climates during winter, these ducks may be as far as they will go, they could be from further North, this might be south to them. Especially if the lake doesn’t freeze.

We are staying warm with the wood stove, in fact, except for a few hours overnight the heat pump is not coming on. The firewood is doing a good job of keeping things cozy. In fact, as I write this my AcuRiteWeather Stationsays it is minus 13 degrees celsius (8 degrees fahrenheit) outdoors and a toasty 28 degrees celsius indoors (82 degrees Fahrenheit).

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