Husqvarna Tractor With Snow Plow

A couple of days ago we had a snowstorm that turned to rain event, but before turning to rain we got at least 4 inches of snow, probably closer to 6 inches of snow. Rather than pay for the boys to come plow me out, and because I wanted to try my Husqvarna22 HP Yard Tractor, with snow plow, and good news, it worked great.

Husqvarna yard tractor
The Husqvarna tractor with Husqvarna 48″ Snow Dozer Blade
made short work of what was fairly heavy wet snow.

The Husqvarna tractor did not bog down or fail to move whatever I ran the plow up against. I am quite pleased. Of course, as with any snow plowing situation, you have to consider pushing the snow as far away as possible in the event that you get more snow and more snow and more snow. Too much and you run out of places to push it, especially with a small plow, such as the dozer blade on a Husqvarna yard tractor.
That said, living here in the country, we do have a fair amount of wiggle room on our private lane, quite a few places to push snow, so that should not be too much of a problem.


I am not brave enough to cancel my plow contract, because if that little yard tractor breaks down, or if we get a major snowstorm, or if we are away when it storms, it might get dicey…or icy…So I called my snow plow contractor and made sure I was back on “the list” this year, so that when it snows I can look out the window and then go back to bed. It is a nice feeling.

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