I always enjoy cutting a little firewood so I am always watchful for things that might be useful for cutting firewood. I stumbled across one of those very things today on a tractor forum. One of the other members mentioned he had a Timberjack and found it very helpful.
So I looked them up. Here is a Timberjack:
Nothing too fancy, nor is it that new an idea, we always had one of these, ours we called a “peavey”. However, our peavey did not have the bar across the bottom for bracing the log “up” to hold a log for cutting.
Raises and holds logs, up to 12″ in diameter, for easy cutting with hand saw or chain saw. Helps prevent kickback, saw or saw chain hitting ground and pinching. Remove stand to use as Cant Hook. Handle length: 40″.
Check them out here: Timberjack

If you like that one, you are going to love this one. It has a jack built into the handle. Lightweight heavy duty aluminum bar and jack. Clawed Cant hook for increased log gripping ability.

You can buy one of these from Amazon here: Woodchuck Tool Inc. Woodchuck Dual with Jack
Great for log rolling, positioning log ends, and lifting logs with jack for sawing. Retractable peavey point. 48″ handle. Made in the USA. Lifetime Warranty. Ship weight 11 lb.

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