The Rising Water

Following our recent “nor-easter” rain and wind storm of a couple days ago, our cottage lake water level has risen quite dramatically. In fact, it was still rising all day today and I am not convinced it is finished rising. The water level has come up over our shoreline rock wall, and is now inching it’s way across the lawn. This picture shows the top rocks of the wall just peeking through.
Of course the high water is taking it’s toll on our dock, especially the part that normally connects the dock to the shore. The platform and first walkway are now floating. I am hoping that as the water recedes the dock will go back into place.
I did take advantage of the extra high water level to pull my floating dock platforms well up on my boat launch. They are far to heavy to pull up otherwise and I am hoping to be able to make some improvements and repairs to them next Spring. Having them up on shore will make that much easier. Getting them back into the lake is much easier than bringing them out of the lake.
Water water everywhere….sure would be nice if the lake would stay at least half this high during the summer months. I think it would make things so much better for boating and other water activities.

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