Sunday Night

Here it is, the “dreaded” Sunday night. Always a not fun time when you are a cottager. Of course for us, living at the cottage now, there is no such thing as Sunday night, nor are there any Mondays. Everyday is Saturday when you are retired.

But Sunday nights can still be a bit lonesome at the camp, especially those Sunday nights in the off-season when the weekend cottagers are few and far between and when they all go home Sunday night. This time of year in particular. It’s the first week of December, things are pretty grey, kind of cold and bleak, it is no longer “autumn” but not yet “winter”

Life has slowed down, the working folks are back to work, the summer folks are back to the city. The weeks are quiet, save the traffic on the road in the morning as folks leave for work, and the school bus going by. It all repeats itself in the late afternoon. But in between, things are quite peaceful.

We were out to supper last night, invited to some friends next door for supper. A lovely supper it was, good food, great friends and conversation was had by all. A good time indeed.

Wendy is still suffering with the sciatica problem, so several days a week she has an hour with a chiropractor and on alternating days an appointment with a physio-therapist. That keeps us on the road and makes the time fly through the week. It is amazing how a trip to the village for appointments can tire a country boy out. Ha Ha.

We had some serious rain last night, and today it’s very windy and raw, a north wind coming down the lake whipping up some whitecaps and slamming the waves against the shore. Cold, not the freezing-make-ice type of cold that will soon arrive, instead the mercury in the thermometer holds around freezing, but the cold is that bitter cold that goes right through you.

It also reminds me that the shortest day of the year is not far behind, the Winter Solstice will soon be upon us. But with that comes the promise of the future as once the shortest day goes by, each day that follows is a tiny bit longer than the one before.

Wendy has been keeping me watching Christmas type television shows. You know, the sappy kind, made for television movies, Hallmark movies for example, the one we are watching right now stars Teri Polo. She is rather attractive so it is easy to watch….

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Night”

  1. Not that long ago we were rolling bowling balls on the beach and before long Christmas will have come and gone. Followed soon by the ATV rally weekend from hell where they compete to be the first to drive on the lake bottom. The ice will soon recede from the lake. Holy shit it is fishing season before you know it. Keep your head up Robert. If you don’t you won’t see this neighbor coming and be able to hide in time.

  2. I too look forward to longer days and spring pushing the winter away. When we had our Camp we did a count down till the ice went out of the lake as we went up to the Cottage usually the same day.The last year has been a long one since we had to sell our camp due to failing health to do the choores involved . Hay God is good. A couple of months ago we bought a Pontoon Boat & rent a piece of land by the Boat Launch so the count down till spring will start again. Hope to see you on the Lake Buddy.

  3. I am glad to hear that you will be back on the lake come Spring. It’s not the same looking across the lake and realizing that is no longer your camp.

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