ShelterLogic Storage Tent

Had a nice sojourn yesterday to a buddy’s place to lend a hand putting up a ShelterLogic storage tent where he can store his powerboat for the winter. As it happens Canadian Tire had their ShelterLogic storage tents on sale for half price lately and completely by coincidence, we not only both purchased a tent, we both purchased the same tent.

My own ShelterLogic storage tent is up and stuffed full of….well…stuff. Most of it is things that were in my shed, seldom used, but too good to throw away, yet a nuisance to store. So, with the storage tent up in the backyard, I quickly filled it.

It was a little tricky assembling my friend’s ShelterLogic storage tent, mostly because the wind came up. Have you ever tried to put a 10 X 20 tarp up over a metal frame in high winds and get everything lined up? The wind made for a fun time, but we persevered and good news his storage tent is up and probably has his boat and any number of other “stuff” stored away for winter.
ShelterLogic tent
These ShelterLogic storage tents are a pretty good deal. They seem to be well made and aside from the difficulties caused by putting it up in the wind, they are fairly easy to erect. Mine has been up for about a month and has withstood some bad weather already, including a powerful nor’easter rain and wind storm that gave it a good test. It survived with no issues.

Anchored Down

I have it anchored in four corners with the supplied anchors, plus I have added some weights tied to the frame inside the tent to help keep it “grounded”. I am pleased with it so far for sure.


To be fair and realistic, I don’t know how long it will last, the material is not particularly heavy, but…for my purposes, needing some short term storage that might turn out to be long term, this is a great deal. An equivalent wooden structure of the same size would cost thousands of dollars. In fact, doing the math…(I love “doing the math)…look at it this way, a 10 X 20 wooden garage is going to cost you at least $8000 in materials and labour, not counting a cement floor. One of these shelters cost less than $500 on sale. I can buy a new shelter every year for the next 16 years for $8000.00.

On the other hand, something to be said for a nice building with a cement floor, solid sides and roof…

However, if you are looking for some temporary storage space, perhaps a garage to protect your car from the winter or your boat from the snow, I recommend a ShelterLogic storage tent.

ShelterLogic make storage tents in all kinds of sizes and roof configurations, the one I have is pretty much the same as this one, available on Amazon: ShelterLogic 10 x 20- Feet New Auto Shelter,Tan


Shortly after I posted this article I received a message from one of our regular contributors, “Alleghany” Al McNeil who wanted to show me a picture of the storage shed he recently built in his backyard. I am not kidding folks…Here is his shed.

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