Nor Easter December 2014

Rain…wind…heavy rain…high wind…it’s called a nor’easter and it’s coming at us right out of the North East. The wind has been howling here all day and the rain, well the just keeps on coming. The water level in the lake has risen just today, it is continuing to rise as we speak and will still be rising a couple days from now.

We’ve enjoyed a hurricane at the cottage a few years ago. I have to tell you, it was not much worse than this nor’easter. OK, maybe a little more wind, but it was blowing in another direction. Today’s wind is hammering down right into our faces here in the cove where we live.


This is one of those basement flooding shingle removing dock smashing boat sinking storms where you look outside and say, “No good will come a this” Or if nobody is listening you think it…either way, being a full time country boy now I recognize bad weather when I see it and I am able to say things like “no good will come a this…”

Nor Easter 2

As I post this, the wind and rain are still happening, it’s a dull roar outside with the sound of rain hitting the windows. The floating dock that I did not pull up on shore is bouncing up and down like a hooker on friday night when the fleet comes in.

If my floating dock can withstand the wind and waves tonight, it can withstand pretty much anything.

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  1. Enjoy reading your stuff. I guess that you are living at the cottage now. Good move. Say hi to “old smoothly” for me.

    Have yourselves a
    Gtreat Habster Day


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