Husqvarna Yard Tractor With Plow

We had our first “skiff” of snow for the winter season a couple days ago. It came, coated things like the steps and the car white and then it left and as the day went on, and the sun came out, so did the snow. A perfect snowfall….

Actually I am waiting with eager anticipation and a degree of excitement for the first real snowfall so I can try my new Husqvarna 22 HP Yard Tractor and it’s matching dozer blade snow plow for clearing our cottage lane.
yard tractor
From what I can tell so far, shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve been using the Husqvarna yard tractor to grade the driveway and it pushes a pretty good pile of gravel before the wheels start to spin out. I am thinking that snow being lighter should be easier to push provided I can maintain some traction.

So, for traction, I have added chains and loaded the tires as well as attached about 100 pounds of extra weight over the rear of the tractor. All told, with the weights and the driver, should be about 350 pounds of weight roughly over the drive wheels. That with the tire chains will be an interesting experiment if nothing else.

husqvarna tractor

To be on the safe side though, I have not given up my contract with our local trucking contractor who will keep us plowed out regardless. I am only playing with the plow…it is what retired guys do….

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