High Water After The Rain

A couple of days after a pretty intense nor-easter storm of wind and rain. Our cottage lake has been rising steady since the rain. Good for me, I got to spend the day exploring around the area, seeing the high water on various neighboring properties as well as my own.

Feeling a little like Henry David Thoreau wandering around the woods of Walden Pond, I traverse the lake shore, the trails, paths and roads, with no destination in mind, just a happy wanderer, taking in the sights.

I stopped by a neighbors place to chat with him for a fee minutes and drool over his new compact utility tractor resplendent with bucket and backhoe and a cab. A real nice machine, John Deere green, gotta love it. He was digging up his lawn to move and bury a rock. Such a man thing. Looked like a good idea to me. That’s the thing about tractors, there is always a rock needs burying or a pile of dirt that needs spreading. But I digress.

With the lake water levels reaching an almost all time high there was lot’s to see, including a dock or two that needed to be pulled a little further up on shore and another one that needed a rope to keep it from floating away.

I also took advantage of an exceptionally mild (12C) to removed the tarps over the pontoon boat, fix up the underlying framework and re-tarp it, hopefully making it a little more weather protected for the upcoming winter season.

That done I decided it was too nice a day not to go for a boat ride, so I pulled the aluminum row boat into the lake and went for a row, snapping a few pictures along the way.

And to make it perfect, this was a wondeful day, the lake did not have a wave or even a ripple all day, save an occasional wake from a boat or two coming or going to cottages across the lake. They too were enjoying a wonderful Spring-like day in the middle of December.

Pretty nice day for almost the middle of December. Kind of makes me believe in global warming…or at least mild Decembers.

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