Heavy Rain Thunder and Lightning

As I am writing this thunder is crashing overhead, and lightning is flashing across the lake, illuminating the water the trees and the heavy rain that is coming down tonight. The weather is..well it is wet and noisy.

It’s these autumn rains that really bring the lake back up to the level it needs to be to have water for next year. Rain like we are having tonight, soaks down the woods, fills up the back lakes and ponds and holds it, sometimes until the Spring run off.

The only trouble with heavy rains is that they interfere with the satellite television signal. So I end up watching Two and One Half Men re-runs that are broken up as the signal fades in and out.

However the light show flashing across the sky and the lake is better than television any time. The power of nature, that awe inspiring display so easily taken for granted, but when you stop and think about it for a minute, you realize the power, the magic of it all.

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