Driveway Grading With A Yard Tractor

When you have a yard tractor, especially one with a plow, you are always looking for something to plow. At least I am. So today I got out the Husqvarna yard tractor, complete with loaded tires, traction weights and tire chains and dozer blade and did some driveway grading.

In no time I had the driveway re-graded, the gravel loosened up and leveled off, even widened a bit, mostly from plowing some of the excess gravel back into the road from the ditch. Makes the driveway look wider. Probably an optical illusion….

The Husqvarna yard tractor, while not a real heavy duty tractor, it’s somewhere between a lawn mower and a garden tractor, actually does a fair to middlin’ job of grading the gravel driveway. The chains and extra wheel weights help to reduce wheel spin and make plowing possible. I think this little tractor set-up is going to work well when it comes time to plow some snow.

Speaking of plowing snow, I am not ready to fully commit to snow plowing by yard tractor. That’s why I made sure our snow plow guy still has us on his list. I much prefer to pay him instead of relying on someone like me to ensure my driveway is plowed after a snowstorm. I am not that dependable. Plus I am of an age where going out in snowstorms to plow seems less fun than it did a few years ago.

Here is a picture of me hard at work. I apologize for the tree in the middle of the picture but this was taken automatically by my Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera attached to a nearby tree.
tractor plowing

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