A Coolish Day

To quote a pop song, “it’s just another day in paradise” here at the cottage. It was a kind of cloudy, yet kind of sunny, coolish day beside the lake. But that was following a night of heavy rain with intense thunder and lightning. Man it rained…and it thundered….nd it…well you get the picture. It was a doo-zee of a thunder and lightning storm.

We were to ‘town’ today, which is actually the closest near-urban center, featuring a Superstore and some other stores and business establishments in a strip mall like setting. A busy place nonetheless and always a diversion. I much prefer a trip there than a trip to the big city. Wendy had a chiropractor appointment for her sciatic nerve problems in her back and then we picked up a few things in the Superstore before heading home.

Later I ended up paying a visit to my buddy a couple doors over, always nice to visit with friends.

The outdoor temperature has dropped rather dramatically tonight from the mild temperatures we have been enjoying, at the moment it’s about 5 below 0 celcius. Not the coldest it can get, but chilly nonetheless, the heat pump is cranking tonight, keeping it nice and toasty inside the cottage.

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