Privacy Shelter

There are times when a little privacy goes a long way. Take for example on the pontoon boat when you have a porta-potti set up, it is nice to have it inside a privacy enclosure. Most of the “changing rooms” that are on Pontoon boats don’t offer very much room.

But that is not the only time a privacy shelter is a nice thing to have. You can set one up as a changing room beside your backyard swimming pool, or with a portable toilet, chemical toilet inside for extra bathroom use during a party or large family gathering at the cottage. A good privacy shelter is just one of those “nice to haves” such as when you are camping and the campground toilets and showers are a long way from your campsite.

This privacy shelter is surprisingly easy to set up.
"privacy shelter"

One of these privacy shelters makes it possible to have a portable toilet set up anywhere you need one, and as well, they make a great shelter for a camp shower, perhaps using a solar water heater shower.

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Order a solar water heater shower here: Seattle Sports Camp Shower

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2 thoughts on “Privacy Shelter”

  1. This is great and has applications beyond sporting and camping. There are now many female engineers, technicians, surveyors, etc.working out in the field. Having this portable means to maintain their privacy (and sometimes safety) is an inexpensive way to guarantee their rights to privacy and safety while on the job. They can be packed and shipped with ease and be there conveniently when needed. And this privacy comes with no stigma of being “holding up the job”, not meeting deadlines, etc. because the company put women on the job!

  2. I have posted previous comment but forgot to post this. I have had the pleasure to work in an administrative capacity supporting the Keystone Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline and I know that the woman in the field on this project are happy to have this option. This is kind a leveler between and men and woman in the field.

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