One Cottage Rite Of Spring Completed

IMG_0053There are certain ‘Rites of Spring” to cottage country and I completed one of them today, putting the dock in the lake. Yup, each year we have two rites associated with docks and wharves, putting them in the water in the Spring and taking them out of the water in the Fall.

For my money, the best one is putting the dock in the water in the Spring. Beats the heck out of taking the dock out of the water in the Fall.

My dock went in this year without much incident. I had left it in the lake all winter, although pulled up on the edge of the shoreline. That made it quite a bit easier to install alone. I had to make some adjustments as the ice had shifted my on shore section. That was an easy fix, a couple of hydraulic jacks to lift it, a couple short pieces of 4X4 posts to sit it on and it was back in place.

I did drop one of the pipe holder brackets in the lake in a place too deep to reach without getting too much of me wet, so it will have to stay where it is until the water warms up.

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