Adding A Water Filter

So…ever since we put in our new drilled well, and long before that, Wendy has been complaining about staining in our toilet. No…I am not talking about those kinds of stains, I am talking about brown stains caused most likely by sediment in the water supply, rust, iron, maybe even a little sand. Here is a picture of said toilet bowl with ring. Note that the addition of a “blue water” tablet did not help.

It really wasn’t too big of a deal when we only used this place as a seasonal cottage. The water we got then was pumped from the lake, it always had a brown tinge to it, all the water in our lake is slightly brown, supposedly from iron and other minerals. Here is a picture of the inside of our toilet tank showing the iron/rust sediment stains.

toilet tank sediment
toilet tank sediment

But since we moved here and have made this a year round residence, discolored water is a problem.

For one thing, we have a clothes washing machine now. The water tends to discolor whites a bit, not bad, but it is there. I see brown water residue in the washing machine after it has been used. So it is there.

My dear wife spends a lot of time trying to scrub the toilet clean, because stuff like that drives women crazy. Men probably not so much. We tend to not pay too much attention to toilets other than for aiming practice. She has also tried cleaning the inside of the toilet tank which is almost red with rusty colored sediment. It only works for a short time, then it colors up again.

Strangely enough, water drawn in a water glass shows no sign of discoloration, even when it is left to sit. That part I cannot figure out. Here is a glass of water that has been sitting for several hours.

So I started looking into water filters. Our water is not hard, which is often the cause of some rust discoloration, it is quite soft. You can do a quick home test for hard water by following the instructions in this video.

Thankfully our water is quite soft, that is a relief as water softeners are pretty pricey. More pricey than I want to spend. That kind of pricey. But a filter…well they are not to expensive at all. In fact, I got a Rainforest Water Filter from our local Home Hardware Store for $49.99. It came with a filter, and I bought three replacement filters for $11.47.
Add a couple of PEX fittings to put the filter inline with our main water line and it was done.

"water filter"
Picture of the box for a Rainfresh water filter

It took me about 20 minutes to read the instructions and install the filter system in our water line. This filter is a “whole house” system therefore it is connected just after the water enters the house so that all taps etc are supplied with filtered water. That includes the toilet.

So it’s done now, Wendy is scrubbing the toilet to try once again to get the brown stains off and start fresh with a clean toilet tank and bowl. We will give this a go now with the new water filtration system in place and see how it works. I will let you know.

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