Used Boats

I was just browsing the used boats section of Kijiji. There’s no question, Spring is the time of year to look for a boat, particularly if you want a lot to choose from. The listing for my particular province alone numbers over 2700 used boats of some shape, design description for sale.

Unfortunately, it also is the time of year when everyone else is looking for used boats and the asking prices tend to reflect that. Used boats that a few months ago, the owner couldn’t really give away, are now worth a small fortune again.

That’s the thing about boats isn’t it? They are always worth more money in boating season. If a person can wait, and if you are lucky, sometimes it really pays to hold off until the Fall or late summer to start looking for used boats for sale.

After the initial rush of the first months of Spring and Summer, boat interest starts to wane a little and people are often happier to sell used boats a little cheaper rather than store them over the winter or continue to make loan payments for something they cannot use for 7 or 8 months.

New and used boats dealers start to get a little less arrogant about prices later in the year, particularly if they have a lot of inventory left over. If they don’t, for example if they only have a couple boats left, they’ll still be a bit arrogant over negotiating the price because they know they can sell one eventually and the carrying charges on one or two boats is not too high.

But don’t let boat dealers fool you, they really don’t want to end up with too many last years models in the showroom the following Spring. It cuts down on room for displaying the new boats and it cuts down on how many new models they can purchase.

Provided you do your homework, used boats can be a much better bargain than buying a new boat. Sellers of used boats are often very motivated to sell and they tend to throw in a lot of accessories like water skis, towables, anchors, life jackets, fish finders etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for the works in the deal.

If you can wait, put off buying new and used boats until the early Fall. If you simply cannot wait and you want a new or used boat on the lake this summer, don’t despair, at least there should be lots of used boats and new boats to choose from.

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