Trailer Valet

Moving a boat trailer, or any trailer for that matter, into position to connect to the towing vehicle can be a challenge. Especially if you are like me. If the trailer is light, such as an empty utility trailer, it’s not a big deal to move the trailer around to meet up with the trailer hitch, but heavier trailers, like boat trailers are not as easy to move by hand.

Unless you have a “Trailer Valet”

Trailer jacks raise and lower your trailer tongue. But Trailer Valet allows you to move your trailer where you want it. Any trailer up to 5000 pounds with a tongue weight up to 500 pounds can be moved with Trailer Valet.

It works by turning the hand crank that powers their patented drive system which has high and low gears meaning you crank the handle and the trailer moves. You put the steering handle in the upright position which engages the drive systme and allows you to steer your trailer where you want it to go. Let go of the handle and the brake system comes on.

Find out more about Trailer Valet at their website: Trailer Valet You can also order one from Amazon here: Trailer Valet Trailer Jack

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