Sectional Boat Docks

There are more types of boat docks than there are boats…well not exactly but almost. A cruise along the shore of any cottage lake will show you what I am talking about.

Docks and wharves range from homemade floating docks and walkways to elaborate manufactured sectional floating docks to pole docks, crib docks with walkways, docks on wheels, even cantilever docks that can be raised out of the water during the off season. There are even pole docks and floating dock hybrids.

Of course, owing to the independence and do-it-yourself mantra of a lot of cottage and camp owners, the docks are often individual, original and one of a kind affairs. Often built as simple and inexpensive as possible, often built with no real “plan” in mind, the owner just keeps adding on pieces as necessary.

One of the least expensive and often easiest to install docks are pole docks, or pipe docks that are essentially walkways supported on pipe legs. The advantages of these types of docks being that they are inexpensive, fairly easy to install, easy to add more sections to if necessary.

The disadvantage would be they can be a bit problematic if the water levels in the lake vary. Adjusting the height up and down, while certainly possible, can be a nuisance.

However, if you have a relatively flat bottom that is not too deep a pipe dock can be a good choice for many lakefront properties. For one thing these types of docks, unlike floating docks, are not affected by wave action, making walking on them a little easier than on a floating dock during windy days when floating docks tend to move up and down with the waves.

A sectional pipe dock, something that is easy to install is a plus and if it didn’t cost too much money, well, even better.

With the above considerations in mind, I’d like to draw your attention to an economical modular post and plank system for your dock, the Hewitt Sectional Dock System.

This sectional dock is inexpensive, easy and fast to setup and requires very little maintenance. They come with the frames and decking preassembled in modules for easy installation. What’s more, they offer lots of layouts, making it easy to come up with something that is suitable for your cottage lakefront dock.

In addition to sectional docks and pipe docks, Hewitt Docks offer lots of docks of all shapes, sizes and types as well as boat lifts and accessories and more. But don’t take my word for it, check out their website here: Hewitt Lifts and Roll-A-Dock”

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