Seabreacher The Ultimate Diving Machine

Sell the pontoon boat Wendy…and the other boats and the Dodge Caravan and all your expensive jewels that I bought you. Get rid of it all, break the piggy bank and clean out that secret bank account that you don’t think I know about…cause we are gonna buy a Seabreacher!!!!!!!!!

Yup, we’re going to revolutionize boating on and under the cottage lake.

Just watch this and then tell me you don’t want one…..

Of course it might be a little tricky if we hit a rock. The Seabreacher has a ROTAX 1500cc, 4 stroke engine that creates 260 supercharged horsepowers. And it has a fully vectored thrust for up/down and left/right. Fully vectored. That’s important right?

The Seabreacher also has, among a host of other options, Front and Rear LCD screens, displaying live video from snorkel-mounted camera and an onboard stereo system with ipod dock.

The cost of a Seabreacher is based on the options you choose, style, etc, but I can tell you this, their website says payment is usually made in the following method, “initial US$ 30,000 to commence construction, then another US$ 30,000 upon engine installation and operational controls, and the remaining balance upon completion and acceptance trial (prior to shipping)”

You can find out more and order your Seabreacher Here: Seabreacher The Ultimate Diving Machine

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