Raccoons In The Attic

Raccoons it seems…are everywhere. I remember a time when a raccoon was something talked about but seldom seen. These days, or should I say nights, they are owning the streets, and it seems they prefer urban areas to rural.

Perhaps because there is less chance of getting shot in the city and of course because there are more opportunities for food in areas where there are lots of people.

However, urban areas can also include cottage country. Compost piles, barbecues, food smells, all contribute to attracting raccoons. That and the opportunity to build a home in your attic or under your camp add to the attractiveness of your cottage for their home.

Considering it’s time to hook up the cottage water pump, and considering that often entails you climbing under the camp, crawling around underneath it, I thought it might be good to ask you this question.

What will you do as you are crawling under the camp and look over to your left to see this fella looking back at you?

raccoon under a camp

Ha Ha, well, if that’s a concern I recommend you check out this great tutorial on dealing with raccoons in the attic or crawlspace here: Raccoons In The Attic Information About Raccoons in the Crawl Space, basement, inside your home, etc. Good information about getting them out and keeping them out, live trapping and other “alternatives”. I highly recommend you visit their website. It’s good to know about these things…..

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3 thoughts on “Raccoons In The Attic”

  1. I would need to change clothes immediately Rob. Perhaps you could rent out your spring water hook up service since I don’t think I will be crawling under my place again.