Portable Camp Oven

What could be better than a Portable Camp Oven for a camp? or camping?

Not just any portable camp oven, a portable camp oven that runs on propane. Use the small propane bottles or hook it up to a larger tank.

This portable camp oven means you can make perfect pizza, hot fresh bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies, lasagna, enchiladas, and so much more…provided of course you know how to cook….
"portable camp oven"
The Portable Outdoor Oven is a kitchen-style oven that is easy to bake with and easy to use outdoors at your campsite. It has room to cook with a 9 x 13 pan, allowing you lots of room to enjoy your favorite camp recipes.

The Portable Camp Oven features a removable baking rack, glass window, and a built-in temperature gauge ensuring you will become everyone’s favorite camp chef!!

The Portable Camp Oven has an insulated oven box that efficiently conserves fuel and helps maintain internal oven temperatures. Powered by a 1 lb. propane bottle or it can be adapted for use with a standard propane tank using a Camp Chef Bulk Propane Adapter.

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