My Real Age Revealed

OK, I am apparently not spending enough time at the camp. I just took the Find Your Real Age Test on the Dr. Oz Website and the results…well they are not pretty.

I have been learning all kinds of new healthy things since I made Dr Oz my family doctor. Well, he is not exactly my family doc, but I do learn a lot from his television show and website.

Among those things was that I have apparently lost 11.8 years off my life. My actual age is 53 but my REAL age is 64.8 Which is not exactly what I wanted to learn, although it explains a lot, such as why I find myself more interested in canes and motorized scooters lately instead of fishing rods and four wheelers.

On the brighter side, looks like I am in for some benefits, such as old age pension and a lot of senior’s discounts on stuff.

The Real Age test gives provided me with some helpful information that will assist me in adding some of those “lost” years back on provided I implement their recommendations one of which was getting a little more sleep, including a daytime nap if I feel tired so I am going

When I wake up I am going to re-read our previous post:Physical Fitness Plan For Cottagers

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