Full Moon Party Fire Pit

Now if you have neighbors like me…(those of you reading this know who you are) who seemed inclined to build campfires on the larger size of big, perhaps something like this firepit should be mandatory to keep guys like them in check…
This is the Medium Full Moon Party Fire Pit – Complete

From the manufacturer: “The FireDome offers a unique take on outdoor entertaining, marrying form and function in an object of art that will amuse, delight, and add warm ambience to any outdoor gathering. The FireDome features a built-in Spark Screen; enjoy a captivating blaze in added safety! The intricately steel dome and durable steel basin are handcrafted of the finest material with exacting workmanship to withstand the elements.”

On the other hand, there is something kind of fun about watching the fire trucks roll down the cottage lane surrounding the neighbors and threatening immediate arrest…

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Camping World:Medium Full Moon Party Fire Pit – Complete

Amazon:Good Directions 777md Full Moon Party Medium Fire Dome Complete Set

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