Cottage Chronicles Changes

Busy around here these days, making some much needed changes to The Cottage Chronicles.

The astute reader that I know you are, will have already noticed the changes. The homepage is changed up a bit hopefully to make it easier to navigate and to find what you need.

The big change is the posts. Many of them are becoming, in blog terminology, “pages”. That means that rather than be posted today and drop down and eventually disappear into the archives, the important posts will stay up front. You can find them in the drop down menus under the blue links along the top of the page, just under the header.

Changing them is a bit involved, and a lot time consuming, but I think the changes will be worth it. All to often the posts and stories disappear into archive oblivion and it can be difficult for you, my most loved reader, to find them or to “refind” them if you are looking.

So, let’s hope it turns out OK in the end and I don’t hit the wrong key or screw up the HTML and disappear…..

Thanks for reading The Cottage Chronicles.

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