Cottage Buying Tips

Spring has arrived and with it thoughts of cottages, going to the cottage, or perhaps buying a cottage. Buying a cottage is a lot like buying a house, but different. Cottages have some considerations that must be…well…considered that don’t necessarily apply to buying other types of real estate, such as a house.

For one thing, there are utilities to be considered. Does the cottage have electricity? Does the cottage have a working, approved septic system? Is it accessible by road or do you need a boat?
Is the cottage your are considering winterized? Can you use it year-round or just in the warmer months? Does it have a safe water supply for drinking water?

The list goes on. Some of the above considerations apply to buying a house as well as buying a cottage, but houses tend to have most of the important stuff covered, especially houses in cities with municipal services. Cottages, located as they are outside of the city, are often a hodge-podge of services, no services and various and sundry plumbing systems. All things you need to consider.

There is an excellent post regarding buying a cottage at Cottage Tips, check it out if you want more ideas about buying a cottage. Here is the link: Buying A Cottage Tips

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