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Are you thinking about buying a boat? Wondering what is the right style of boat for you? Should it be a pontoon boat, runabout, inboard, aluminum utility boat, canoe, sailboat…etc..etc….the list goes on.

There are no shortage of boat types and styles, hull designs, cabins or no cabins pontoon boats with two pontoons or pontoon boats with three pontoons?

What type of boat is right for me? That’s the question. For the most part, I believe it has most to do with where you will use a boat, if you will tow it to your boating location, and what you intend to do, fish, water ski, or just cruise the lake or ocean near your home.

Yada-Yada-Yada…all of the above is just my lead-up to suggesting you check out a boating website I found that is designed to help you decide what boat is right for you.

The boat selector tool takes into account your planned boating activities, passengers, boat length, propulsion method, price range and whether or not you will trailer your boat.

It’s from Discover Boating and it is their Boat Selector Tool Try it out, see if it helps you to figure out what type of boat is best for you.

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