An Ode To The Cottage

I found an interesting blog post called “An Ode To The Summer Life” that struck a chord with me. It was written last year by Sandra Harris writer and photographer and creator of Raincoast Cottage.

Sandra’s post recalls her introduction and experience with a cottage and how it has impacted her life and the life of her family.

I was particularly struck by this sentence, ” What I didn’t understand about cottages when I moved east to Toronto was that it was its own culture, its own lifestyle, its own way of life.”

How true that is. That is something that folks who don’t have cottages or an interest in cottages, have trouble understanding.

A cottage is more than just a place to go, or a place to live that happens to be in the country or beside a lake. It’s not just real estate. It’s a life style.

Now to some, cottages are just “real estate” even looked on as an investment. Those folks seldom end up as long term cottagers. The allure leaves them, if they even had it in the first place and they move on, sell their camps and go on cruises, or play more golf or something.

But to those of us who the cottage life gets a grip on, it becomes our life, our hobby, our lifestyle and occupies a good deal of our thoughts, ideas, time and of course, money. But to a true cottager, it’s money well spent. A weekend at the cottage in July beats a week in the Dominican Republic in January.

Go now…go read Sandra’s post at Raincoast Cottage. Here is the link: Raincoast Cottage – An Ode To The Cottage

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