The Vinyl Cafe and General Stores

Some time ago I wrote a post about the closing of our local cottage general store. It was a heartfelt piece given that I was sorry to see the store close it’s doors and the place meant a lot to me and more importantly to our lakeside community.

Well, we received quite a few comments on that post, even had a couple of people mention it to me on the street. (immediately after I mentioned it to them)

Anyway, the story was quite popular, so I figured, hmmmm…gotta do something useful with that. So I submitted it to a Canadian Icon, Stuart MacLean, host, creator and writer of the CBC Radio program The Vinyl Cafe heard around here on Sundays.

In fact, if you drop by my camp on Sunday morning you will likely find me in the boathouse, my old transistor radio blaring The Vinyl Cafe and me laughing, sometimes out loud. It can be embarrassing. My neighbor found me doing that last summer and he hasn’t been back since.

Stuart has this ‘thing’ they call The Story Exchange where you can submit your story and if it meets their criteria and they like it, well they might put it on the radio!!
Lake charlotte firework 2012 067
Well…don’t get too excited, we’re not on the radio. At least not yet.

I had an email from Stu’s assistant (I call him Stu because we are both Canadian Icons, him for real, me in my own mind) who said she enjoyed the story, however it was a little too long for the radio !!

That is all well and good, but not good enough. So I set to work in my little basement studio and re wrote the story, cutting like a new lawnmower on fresh grass, like a barber when a hippie finally comes in for a haircut, like an editor at Reader’s Digest, but I am digressing.

I cut the story down to what I felt was an acceptable length for radio and dammed if I didn’t resubmit it.

Then I waited and waited and waited….and waited some more. About 4 minutes into my waiting I received an email back from Stu’s assistant saying thanks she received my condensed version and she would send it on to Stuart. (she calls him Stuart, perhaps she is not a fellow Canadian Icon)

So…keep your fingers and toes crossed and your legs. I hope Stu can read it fast enough to make it just the right length for radio !!!!

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