Swimming Against The Tide

Frequent readers of The Cottage Chronicles will by now have noticed some changes around here. That’s because we have decided, in my words, to “swim against the tide”.

We’ve made some changes to the layout of this website, going against conventional blogging wisdom that says your website or blog should be clean and uncluttered. In fact, I am doing just the opposite now, cluttering things up a bit, but in a good way.

We’ve changed the visual format somewhat, removing our wider sidebar and installing two narrow sidebars on either side of the main post area. I was always a fan of the wider sidebar because I thought it looked better, which perhaps it did, but everyone has to be open to new things.

In addition I have started adding more of our previous posts to the sidebars and I am rejuevenating some of our older posts in the main page because they are 1) good posts and 2) lot’s of folks haven’t seen them because they get buried in the archives.

I have also started not posting every blog post on the main website page. That’s not something I am crazy about, but it is a bit easier and some of those blog posts don’t warrant main page exposure anyway.

But to be sure you are not missing anything, you should always check the All Posts/Blog link at the top of the page, or even better subscribe to have all posts delivered to your email. I don’t care if you do that as long as you keep coming back.

I’ve also decided to put some additional effort into telling you about some of the other useful and interesting cottage/boating/outdoors/camping blogs and websites out there that you may find interesting and helpful.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of other outdoorsy websites that bear mention and so I have decided that rather than try to keep you here all the time, I would share you with the competition. It’s a ballsy move I know, but that is me…stupid.

You may find the advertising has increased a little and I hope that isn’t too offensive. I try to only show advertisements and products that you will find useful. But the cold hard facts are, we have to make a little money here or else we won’t be able to afford the hosting or the extravagant-decadent-luxurious lifestyle to which I have become accustomed too.

I hope you enjoy the changes we are making and I hope that the new version of The Cottage Chronicles will be better than ever !!

Thanks for reading The Cottage Chronicles.
(was the xoxoxo too much? I hope not, but I do love my readers)

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