Quite A Day At The Sports & RV Show

One of the rites of Spring around here is the annual visit to the Outdoor Sports and RV Show and this Spring was no exception.

Wendy and I made our annual pilgrimage to the show again this year, our pockets full of money to buy lot’s of stuff including a four wheeler, a side by side ATV, truck camper or possibly a travel trailer, new outboard motor and pontoon boat and of course a number of guns, shotguns, rifles and even perhaps a couple of air rifles.

There was no shortage of the above mentioned at the Sports and RV Show, enough for everyone and two for some. On top of that there was the dog show and the very popular Scott Timber Show where lumberjacks show their stuff, rolling logs and the like.

I remember most was sitting in the bleachers watching a cute little Brittney Spaniel running the obstacle course in the dog show. People were clapping and cheering. I remember looking down towards the main exhibition floor at the travel trailers, ATV’s, shotguns and fishing rods….

We were in every exquisite travel trailer and RV on site, plus I straddled the odd ATV and sat in a side-by-side all terrain vehicle too.

It was all good. I had trouble deciding on a whether I wanted a fifth wheel travel trailer or the conventional ball and hitch type, but in the end opted for the fifth wheel as it seemed a bit bigger and I liked the idea of a travel trailer with an upstairs in it.

I noted that today’s travel trailers have more bells and whistles than most homes. I think you have to take a university course to learn how to use all the available options.

As for ATV’s, while the conventional four-wheeler seemed pretty good, the side-by-side Kawasaki Mule with the dump body seemed more comfortable, plus I like the idea of having a windshield and roof when I am out in the backwoods exploring the off road trails.

But I figured that we might sometimes enjoy really getting into the backwoods and there are a lot of bogs and small lakes to traverse so we opted for the Argo tracked vehicle that goes on both land and water.

The one we got has the optional 10 cubic foot icebox in the back and a pop up camper you attach to the back for overnight trips. If my future son-in-law and stepson want to join me on an outdoors adventure there is plenty of room for everyone and our gear in the Argo.

Then we moved into the Goodwood Room where they had the firearms, hunting and fishing gear displayed. I picked up a nice 12 gauge semi-auto Remington with a wonderful camo paint finish and three inch chambers along with a new left handed bolt action Winchester Model 70 in .308, it came with a lovely 3X9 variable power scope.

As soon as they get the new Buffalo Hunter Special Gold Medallion rifle chambered for .45-70 in stock they promised to give me a call, didn’t even ask for a down payment which I thought was nice.

Because I was such a good customer the hunting and fishing guy gave me a deal on a pair of neoprene insulated stocking foot waders, a new fly fishing vest with lots of pockets and a new 9 foot fly rod with a Hardy St John fishing reel.

Unfortunately he was out of wading boots, but said he would send me a pair in the mail before fishing season started…size 9 with an extra pair of laces.

We got a great “Show Special” on a trip to Quebec hunting caribou and don’t buy any fish because when I return from my Labrador fly-in salmon and trout fishing trip in July your freezers will be full of fresh Labrador atlantic salmon and trout.

At the checkout I paid the cashier $179,891.45 and she gave me a nice camo ball cap as a thank you for my business. I have until the end of May to come up with the remaining $73,486.78.

When the dog show ended, Wendy woke me up. We strolled down the back alley to the food court section and got a delicious hamburger, fries and a Coke for $10 and three pieces of fudge for $10 and a 10 tickets on a boat for another $10, add that to the $10 each entry fee for a total of $50.00.

Yup…quite a day…..

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