Piranha Propellers

Here is a neat idea for boaters, propellers that have replaceable blades.

If you have ever broken a propeller blade on your boat, you know what happens. The engine vibrates wildly and you don’t go anywhere, or at least you don’t go anywhere very fast. It is also very difficult to steer.


In most cases, if you break a boat propeller, you have to row, paddle or drop anchor and wait for help and a tow. Or, if you are the prepared boater, you have to remove the broken prop and replace it with your spare propeller. That can be tricky, especially if you are in a river or the middle of the lake.

Piranha Composite Propellers may have come up with a solution. They use their patented Piranha boat propeller center hub made from a high-strength aluminum core, over molded with a specially-formulated composite material.
"Piranha Propeller
The Piranha boat propeller center hub is designed to allow you to change blades whenever necessary and they come with an extra set of blades.

The blades of a Piranha propeller are designed to absorb the shock of your prop hitting an underwater hazard, saving your lower unit from damage. And they guarantee their propeller hub for life.

Each Piranha Propeller Kit includes:
*The Piranha Propeller of your Choice
*A Completely Extra set of Blades
*Floating Propeller Wrench
*Piranha Storage Bag

Here is a short video demonstrating how easy it is to fix a damaged propeller if you have equipped your boat motor with a Piranha.

Where To Buy A Piranha Propeller

For more information on Piranha Propeller Kits, visit their website: Piranha Propellers In Canada you can buy Piranha Composite Propellers from Ace Propeller They also have a great Q&A Page about propellers, check it out here: Most Frequently Asked Propeller Questions

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