Outboard Motor Stands

I have an on again-off-again relationship with outboard motor stands, but lately the idea has been on again mostly because it’s been a long winter, I am out of shape and my 15 horsepower outboard motor seems unusually heavier.

I think the weight of an outboard motor increases as my age increases….

So I have been looking at outboard motor stands that would work to hold and carry my 15 HP Evinrude while also being able to use it to carry the outboard to and from the boat.
The Trac T10044 Outboard Motor Cart looks like it might be a good outboard motor stand.

These outboard motor stands have a powder coated steel tube frame that will hold up to a 30 HP, it’s on wheels so moving the outboard should be fairly easy and the stand holds the outboard in an upright position making it easy to work on. It also has a built-in gas can holder and will work for both long shaft outboards and short shaft outboards.

You can find out more about it here: Trac T10044 Outboard Motor Cart

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